The three lucky cats with typical Dutch designs are available now as a ‘package’. Providing you with a triple dose of prosperity and luck.

Order now and receive this unique series for 75 euros as a limited-time offer

The Delft Blue lucky cat is part of the new Dutch Design series, showing the iconic Amsterdam Skinny Bridge in a Delft Blue design. The bridge, spanning the river Amstel, is known as a double-swipe (balanced) bridge and is one of the most photographed monuments in the city.

The Dutch Tulips design reflects the multi-coloured tulip fields in The Netherlands. The country’s long spring season makes it perfect for tulip growing. From mid-March to June, the tulips transform large parts of the country into a colourful patchwork quilt. The lucky cat design pays homage to the unique Dutch tulip fields.

The Amsterdam lucky cat shows the coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam. It consist of a red shield and a black pale with three white crosses. These so called Saint Andrew’s Crosses honour the beatified fisherman who was martyred on an X-shaped cross. It is relevant to Amsterdam as the city’s symbol dates back to 1550 when it was a fishing town with all ships registered in Amsterdam flying this flag.